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India’s Most Trending Game

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So guys today we will talk about your favorite topic and that is Best Games In India. We know your love lots of gaming application but today we will talk about the best and higher gaming application. So we will tell you how many games are now Trending in All over India. So let get started to know about all these applications.

So today here we will talk about those famous gaming mobile application which is trending in India and continuously playing in India. Indian Market is really very big market if we compare Gaming. There are lots of gaming in the Indian market and thousands of gaming applications are presenting so that you can use it and start playing today.

Without Wasting time we will talk about our latest and Trending Gaming Mobile Application.


Yo Yo, so we all know about this mobile game application, and even we had also played once this game, this game is really amazing game and at the moment 100 players can play this game. This game gets famous because of its amazing Graphics and player mode, we can say this game is next level game.

The PUBG mobile game application is done around 2 years in the Indian market but still, the fame of this game is the same like before. All players are still like to play this game because only it’s amazing Updates. Yes, all the updates of this game are really amazing, and these updates are making PUBG Great and a very famous mobile game application.

2. Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is also a very famous mobile game and now this game is also taking a huge place in the Indian market, but this not much famous like pubg, this game is really good but not having much Graphics and not having a wider area to play. But with that most game lovers like to play Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike is giving good satisfaction.

3. Ludo King

Yes, we can’t forget this Mobile Game application, you can also play this game online on Facebook. This is also going very famous in India and also this is also having the same Downloads as PUBG. This game is getting famous because of it nature. This looks like a real physical Ludo so the players are really like Ludo King. Ludo King is also giving chance to 4 players to play at one time and that why this making it amazing. You will feel like the real Ludo.