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Strict Action After TikTok Vs YouTube | New Guideline of TikTok

Tiktok is now the biggest platform for new and talented people, this application is simply offering dubbing acting and video sharing, where you can perform individually or in the group. Basically Tiktok is a Chinese company and this was founded in 2013. Tiktok is having lots of content and every day thousands of video many Tiktok artists are publishing over here, and viewers are really like to see this.

But in a few days the biggest fight is going on,  Tiktok vs youtube, many YouTubers are making a video against Tiktok and the same Tiktokers are doing with YouTubers.

tiktok new guidelines

The fight is only for content and that is made by the Tiktokers, at Tiktok lots of creators were making really very bad content that was really not giving a good massage to the society, so that why A famous YouTuber CarryMinate Roast the TikTok videos and then a famous Tiktoker amir siddiqui, jump over there and then the fight begins.

Between this fight lots of celebrities jump over there but the fight still on the place. Both are showing they are right but we don’t what will happen.

Youtube has also taken an action against TikTok vs youtube and that’s why youtube delete all the videos related to TikTok vs youtube and not the only youtube, TikTok had also taken a decision, TikTok gives various warning to all the tiktokers and that had introduced new guidelines.

After TikTok Vs Youtube, New Guidelines To All TikTokers


1. Terrorists and terrorist organizations related to video
2. Promotion of criminal activities
3. Sale or use of weapons
4. Frauds and scams
5. Suicide, self-harm, and dangerous acts
6. Hate speech
7. Harassment and bullying
8. Adult nudity and sexual activities

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Lots of the TikTokers had post very negative videos on the TikTok like some had post Acid attack videos and some are posting Rape videos, and such videos are really giving a very bad impact on Society.

Because of this biggest fight TikTok has to face this In India TikTok was having 4.5 Rating but after the fight TikTok has suddenly gone down and now it’s only 1.4 Rating.

tiktok new guidelines

Now in India everyone wants to BAN the TikTok and never use it again, lots of users had Uninstall the TikTok from the mobile phones.

An amazing App now in India just a flop Aap or nothing, TikTok ban in India demanding by everyone, so let’s see what will happen and when this fight will end. Till then You Take Card and Stay Safe.

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