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How To Delete Old Whatsapp Messages For Everyone After 7 Minutes

Hello friends, today I have brought for you a great WhatsApp trick that you are going to be very happy to see this amazing WhatsApp trick and know the name of this trick is how to delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone. Let’s talk about it.

A very simple trick is going to happen, just you have to apply a little mind and you have to do the contracts inside your mobile from the settings we are telling, so you can use this WhatsApp trick and tell your friends too. About this amazing trick.

Friends, we all know that WhatsApp is a very big chatting platform and WhatsApp is very popular, it not only runs in India but also in many countries and people also chat, make video calls and this is why WhatsApp brings the best updates time to time.

Earlier there was no video chat in WhatsApp, now there is a video chat in WhatsApp, you can also make audio calls. You can also do WhatsApp with that which is new now. Whatsaap has been brought first, WhatsApp delete message through this update you can delete your sent message within a few times, but if that time has passed then you cannot delete that message.

How To Delete Whatsapp Messages Without Any Other Application

Many people were looking for something different for this update WhatsApp delete massage, some was looking for a WhatsApp trick so that he could easily delete the old message, some people got it, some people did not find it but today FirangiNews for you has brought a great WhatsApp trick that can easily delete your old WhatsApp messages and you can easily delete WhatsApp messages.

So, let us know how we can use this trick of WhatsApp delete a message, without installing any other application in our mobile, we can easily delete any old and old message from our mobile for that which we Steps are telling that step will have to follow step by step and this process is what we are telling only for Android Mobiles.

Maybe this process does not work in iOS, but you can try it once and you will also find that WhatsApp How to use delete a message, so let’s see how this message will be deleted.

Process How To Delete Old Whatsapp Messages For Everyone

Step1: Stop/Close Your Internet Connection
Step2: Then Goto Setting And then Apps
Step3: Then go to WhatsApp and do force stop
Step4: Then again goto WhatsApp and check the time of massage, you want to delete
Step5: Goto Setting again and goto time and date
Step6: Close Use network-provided time, close use network-provided time zone
Step7: Set the date when did you send the message and also change the time according to your massage time u want to delete.
Step8: Open your WhatsApp and delete the massage u want
Step9: Now you can on your 4G network and also change the date and time.

So this was a step by step WhatsApp delete message trick so that you can delete WhatsApp messages after 7 minutes and even after 2 years and with this trick you can delete not only your message that you can see, rather you can delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone.

You can use this trick with many similar tricks or any next WhatsApp trick, we will meet with you again till then take care and stay with us. If you want to ask any WhatsApp tricks related questions, you can also comment on us and contact the director and if you have any trick you want to tell us then contact us thank you.

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